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Kindly contact S Buys Academy if you are approached by a 3rd Party to enrol for the Pharmacist assistant course to ensure we have an agreement with such a person.  We take no responsibility for any funds not paid into the S Buys Academy account as indicated on our application forms.

Pharmacist’s Assistant Course

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Herewith details of the Pharmacist’s Assistant training courses (basic & post-basic) presented by the S Buys Academy:
Introduction to course
S Buys Academy is an accredited provider with the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) to present the revised basic as well as post-basic courses, both of which are the prescribed requirements for registration as a Pharmacist’s Assistant. The revised basic course (which is a requirement to enrol for the revised post-basic course) can be completed in a minimum of 12 months and the revised post-basic course requires another minimum of 12 months. After successful completion of each course, a learner will be registered with the SAPC as a qualified basic or post-basic pharmacist’s assistant.
Depending on the pharmacy in which you’ll be doing your in-service-training you will specialise in one of the four sectors of pharmacy namely Community (Retail), Institutional (Hospital), Distribution (Wholesale) or Manufacturing Pharmacy. The pharmacist’s assistant course is an in-service-training course and thus consists of two sections, which must be completed simultaneously. The first is the theoretical section, which the Academy will be responsible for. The second section is your practical inservice-training, which your tutor is responsible for.
To cover the theoretical section, material is structured in modules that are grouped into sessions and focus on specific outcomes. Allthe training requirements as prescribed by SAQA (the South African Qualification Authority), have been incorporated in the course. Once a learner has been enrolled and registered with the SAPC, study material is couriered to the tutor. The learner books to attend the workshop for the session being presented at the nearest venue. The learner can attend and complete the sessions in any order, which means that a learner does not need to start at Session 1, but can start at any session. After attendance of the workshop, learning activities are completed and the formative assessment is done with the tutor. The learner books for the summative assessment for the same session and once competent, the whole process starts all over again for the next session until the course is completed.
The S Buys Academy also offers learners the possibility to be credited for skills and knowledge gained in the workplace. This process is called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
Should you be interested in this option, please contact the Academy (Tel: 018 788 2102/2103) for the relevant detailed information document on RPL.
Minimum requirements
Candidates must adhere to the following minimum requirements in order to enrol for:
• Revised basic level course:
i. Grade 10 Certificate (with Maths/Math literacy & English);
ii. Be employed in a pharmacy (Full Time);
iii. The pharmacy be registered as a training facility;
iv. A pharmacist willing to be your tutor; and
v. This pharmacist must be registered as a tutor (Max amount of learners per tutor = 3).
• Revised post-basic level course:
i. Registration with the SAPC as Qualified Basic Pharmacist’s Assistant;
ii. Be employed in a pharmacy (Full Time);
iii. The pharmacy be registered as a training facility;
iv. A pharmacist willing to be your tutor; and
v. This pharmacist must be registered as a tutor (Max amount of learners per tutor = 3).
vi. Optional: Proof that 50% or more was obtained for an official South African language other than English on NQF4 to
obtain exemption for session 1.
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