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The S Buys Academy (Pty) Ltd strives to contribute through training, research and development; people that are able to use and develop their skills and knowledge in ways to achieve both their own goals and those of the pharmaceutical sector in which they work according to their scope of practice. The ultimate goal: To establish an ethical, equitable, diverse, competent, flexible and innovative workforce that enables the health industry to maintain effectiveness in a dynamic environment.

The Academy is accredited with the South African Pharmacy Council as a training provider.




Learning Activity 13 of Module 10: HIV/AIDS in a workplace has been amended. 
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Pharmacist’s Assistant Course  - Community


Pharmacist’s Assistant Course -Institutional


Pharmacist’s Assistant Course - Distribution


Pharmacist’s Assistant Course - Manufacturing


Dispensing Course for Healthcare Professionals

CPD Compliance Tool (Mortar Knowledge)

Accredit-it Healthcare Practitioners
Accredit-it for Pharmacies
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S Buys Wholesaler

S Buys Wholesaler is a key part of the S Buys Group of companies, and is a full-line pharmaceutical Wholesaler that services pharmacies, hospitals and doctors as well as the State and NGO’s.


S Buys Academy

S Buys Training & Development Academy (Pty) Ltd was established in 2000 with its main aim being the upliftment of employees of the S Buys Group. In 2001 a need arose in the market place for training outside the company borders.



As a courier pharmacy, we go the extra mile, delivering a personalised (pharmacist-patient) and accurate service, throughout South Africa. Alongside traditional chronic medicines, ScriptWise delivers specialized medicines to whatever destination our clients (patients/members) require.


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Pharmacists Assistant Course
Dispensing Course
Mortar Knowledge
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CPD in South Africa for Pharmacists

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